For over 7 years, Fran has been afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system afflicting millions around the world, including actor Michael J. Fox and sports legend Muhammed Ali. In Fran’s case, Parkinson’s has made it difficult for her to stand from a sitting position, and maintain her balance while upright. But now Fran reports she’s gained significant recovery of physical movement — as a direct consequence of her activity in Second Life.

via New World Notes: Woman with Parkinsons Reports Significant Physical Recovery After Using Second Life – Academics Researching.


Click here to directly teleport to the Creations for Parkinson’s site on the Second Life sim of Solace Lake, which is the place that Barbie Alchemi created for her real life mother, Fran Seranade, who reports experiencing some physical recovery from her Parkinson’s symptoms as a direct result of using Second Life, as I wrote about yesterday. Barbie’s place also hosts a support group for others with Parkinsons’ and their caregivers, often hosted by Fran herself. To join the support group, search for and join the group “Creations for Parkinson’s” in Second Life.
Creations for Parkinson’s, an SL Sim & Support Group for People With the Disease, Their Caregivers, and Researchers