For over 7 years, Fran has been afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system afflicting millions around the world, including actor Michael J. Fox and sports legend Muhammed Ali. In Fran’s case, Parkinson’s has made it difficult for her to stand from a sitting position, and maintain her balance while upright. But now Fran reports she’s gained significant recovery of physical movement — as a direct consequence of her activity in Second Life.

via New World Notes: Woman with Parkinsons Reports Significant Physical Recovery After Using Second Life – Academics Researching.


Click here to directly teleport to the Creations for Parkinson’s site on the Second Life sim of Solace Lake, which is the place that Barbie Alchemi created for her real life mother, Fran Seranade, who reports experiencing some physical recovery from her Parkinson’s symptoms as a direct result of using Second Life, as I wrote about yesterday. Barbie’s place also hosts a support group for others with Parkinsons’ and their caregivers, often hosted by Fran herself. To join the support group, search for and join the group “Creations for Parkinson’s” in Second Life.
Creations for Parkinson’s, an SL Sim & Support Group for People With the Disease, Their Caregivers, and Researchers

I have wings!!!

I went to Best Buy to spend the gift certificate I got from Bill for Christmas and bought the new NeverWinter Nights expansion. It is so cool. It’s set so that you go up to level 15 when the game starts so instead of wasting half the game trying to get up to the prestige classes, you start there already. I created a Sorceress/Red Dragon Disciple and I’m officially half-dragon. <eg> So now I have cool wings and I can breathe fire. <weg>

I also created a shifter. You start with so many forms, including humanoid ones like drow. It’s so much fun. Next, I think I’ll do a Shadowdancer.

Very happy. Yes it’s pathetic.

A Competition I'd love to see

Unfortunately, I don’t know anybody else who plays the game. *pout*

NeverWinter Nights is based on D&D and follows the rules very closely. So it has a list of races and classes (character types/professions) you can choose from. I’ve found that I tend to keep to the same races and classes even though none of my characters are the same.

So you have your players make lists of the races and classes in order from their favorite to the absolute last ones they would choose.

Bet you can see where this is going . Yea, they have to play their least attractive combination. For me this would be something like a Half-Orc Paladin. And just to make it a little more fun, they have to switch sexes. It doesn’t matter in the game but screwing with their minds is always good.
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