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As a result of all of this musing about satiety, I have made a few changes in my way of eating that I think have helped. I try to eat a lot more vegetables, as 1) the physical feeling of fullness does contribute to satiety and vegetables provide that without adding many calories, and 2) fiber helps to slow down digestion, as I said above. I’ve also incorporated lean protein and whole grains (which have protein and fiber present instead of only the pure carbohydrate portion) for similar reasons. This is how I’ve been losing weight without the pain of having to go on “a diet”; I still get to eat a lot of food, but since my blood sugar is far more regular now, I don’t feel the constant need to be eating. I physically feel full after meals without having eaten more than I will burn off in a day.

via Are Our Bodies Really Built for Satiety? | Dear Fatty.

This makes so much sense to me. It’s hard for me to do because there always a ton of sweets in the house but I keep trying.