There are almost twice as many mobile phones in the world than there are computers. With that phenomenal thought in mind you can understand why developing mobile apps is so lucrative, its a huge market with its users demanding ever more powerful and functional applications bridging the gap between mobiles and computers.

Keeping up with demand and trends is only half the battle for mobile app developers. They face the huge challenge of testing there application across a multitude of different handsets and OSes. Each handset is slightly different and each has its own little quirks that can not be ignored, and that is before you even contemplate the huge differences from the mobile operating systems.

In this article we have compiled a list of free tools for testing your application across the most popular mobile operating systems, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Palm. Some of the tools have been officially released (with the exception of the iPhone) and are available to download with there respective SDKs, Other tools, which maybe a little bit basic, can be used as a reliable testing environment.

There are also tools below for checking your web sites “mobile-friendliness”. Some will allow for visual views, others will give you detailed reports and grade your site on its mobile effectiveness.

via Mobile Web and App Development Testing and Emulation Tools – Speckyboy Design Magazine.