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June 10, 2015

Beef Tips with Rice and Gravy Recipe : Taste of Southern

Beef Tips with Rice and Gravy Recipe : Taste of Southern.

  1. Brown the beef and cook the onions
  2. Add beef broth and bring to a boil
  3. Cover and turn down to a simmer for an hour
  4. Serve over rice

Pretty good, two tips: One use plenty of seasoning & two cook with some type of fat. The meat is pretty lean and needs the help to get that rich flavor.

April 2, 2015


#hello this is called hypervigilance#And is a symptom of ptsd#And the fear of fucking up or someone being angry at us if we don’t respond to the emotion correctly#is known as a ‘maladaptive schema’#Which means that when our brains were developing#the constant traumatic or abusive environment wrote some base code into our brains#that influence the way we can filter and assess any infortmation#So all information we receive goes through the panic centre first and then gets viewed through this trauma induced coding#Which is why even when we know theoretically that we are ok and safe#we still go into panic and act instinctively

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April 2, 2015

Swiss Steak Recipe |

Swiss Steak Recipe |

Nom. Floured the beef and browned it, then cooked onions in the pan. Added the beef back with a can of tomato sauce and some chicken stock, then cooked at a low simmer for an hour. Great over brown rice.

March 5, 2015

One Pot Chicken & Potatoes Let the Baking Begin!

One Pot Chicken & Potatoes Let the Baking Begin!.

Great technique. Just cut up veggies and coat with seasonings & olive oil, then stick in a 375 degree oven for an hour.

I used chicken breasts so I cut them in strips and coated them after the veggies were in the oven, then added them at the end and put it all back in for about 1/2 hour. Accidentally timed it perfectly and it all came out beautifully. Used the drippings to make a great sauce.


March 5, 2015

Best pot roast is best

Lalas So Southern Pot Roast & Cornbread – oysters and pearls.

Have done this twice now and it is amazing.

  1. Season & brown the meat
  2. Add the beef broth & raw vegtables
  3. Cover & stick in a 300 oven for two hours
  4. Take out meat & vegtables, whisk in soup & water
  5. Put cooked food back in with the softer veggies (canned & onion) & cook for another 30 minutes.
  6. Take meat back out & thicken sauce with corn starch

I’m making notes because I’ve changed a few things.

First, she doesn’t mention covering it and you don’t see any kind of covering in photos. I made it without covering the roast the first time and while it tasted amazing, the roast wasn’t quite tender enough. I covered it with a cast iron lid this time and it was much better.

Second, she says in her article that she doesn’t like mushy vegtables. I like mine softer than hers so I’m just cooking them along with the meat.

Third, the sauce is very thin, so you want either a lot of bread to soak it up or some way of thickening it. I like mine thick enough to eat with a fork so I used the corn starch but I’m still eyeing the bread for when the vegtables are gone.


February 10, 2015

Seanan’s Tumblr | my father tells our dog, “don’t act mortally…

my father tells our dog, “don’t act mortally wounded, i barely hurt you,” and i fall silent because those words have been used in my childhood after slaps that left welts on the side of my cheek and a scream in my ears that has never stopped ringing and

i have my father’s talents i have his hair his eyes and i have his love for teaching and every time i lose my temper i am afraid of who i will grow up to be because what if one day my child will be at my feet begging me to please stop hitting

your mother has hair that touches her shoulders and you’re twice as pretty but she never feels like you deserve the spotlight so when we were thirteen the first time i met her she stormed into your room where we were working on a project and poured the cat litter out on your floor because you had forgotten to do your chores and you have her thin frame and her blue sky eyes and you can see other people’s weaknesses with the same sniper-like accuracy and you once cried in my lap for three hours because you hated being able to hurt people the way she’s hurt you

and my best friend never talks about her dad because her dad is never home until four years ago at senior prom when he showed up at the front door and spent one hour screaming in another room while we turned up the music and smiled broad at her like we were trying to outshine the darkness we saw creeping into her eyes and when he left again he slammed the door so hard the floor shook under us and she collapsed – she was raised with his ambition, his wit, his constant need to be doing something – she was in fifth grade when she looked at me and said “i’m never having kids”

and i am talking to a boy with sad eyes and he says that he thinks that we’re all messed up because our parents never really cared enough – he says “there’s a reason they call us the ‘me’ generation: it’s because we always asked for too much” because so many of us just never felt loved there was always something more important than us

we are raised in four white prison walls rather than outside, we are in schools that everyone knows are teaching us poorly, we are succumbing to more mental illness than ever and we’re still told it’s just a “teenage affliction,” we are clutching degrees that amount to a waste of time because there are no jobs there are no options there is nothing for us in a world that is burning

we were born to solve the problems that those before us built and we are called selfish when we ask for help – we are so scared of being like the ones who raised us we are so scared of messing this up we just want to do good we went to do well we want to stop fighting in the wars other men built

but what have we to protect ourselves in this wide world that spits our names like they are toothpicks what have we to fight our own battles how do we go forth into that dark place when they made the caves and called us canary

what do we carry

but the skeletons

our parents buried?

—INHERITANCE // r.i.d (via inkskinned)


via Seanan’s Tumblr | my father tells our dog, “don’t act mortally….

December 20, 2014